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That Realization Comes Hard

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Can We Get a Short, Thin Rimshot Please?

Text - Mon at 20:07 Edited I went to the library today,l asked"have you got the new book about tiny penis's" she said,I don't think its in yet said "yes, that's the one" 18 likes 1 comment Like Comment Share
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Straight From the Farm to Your Plate

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By Kitty

You Know Better Than That, Kevin

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By Anna

Boners Are WAY Weirder Than We Originally Thought

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Correlation, Causation, Who Gives a Crap!

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Looking for Stiffies from Stiffs

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By Sven

Starting With You!

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Your Dignity is Kept Safely, Right Next to the Chapstick

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By sharter

Let's Talk About How the Swimmers Work, Shall We?

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By Unknown

Don't Brag Unless You Brought Enough to Share

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Read This and Drop the Mic Accordingly

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Everyone Has One Thing on the Brain

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By Sten

They Don't Play Nice Out There on the Pitch

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This Tops the List of Things You Shouldn't Post to Facebook

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Just a Little Off the Top, Thanks

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By Kimberley
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