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Feel Free to Crawl Back into the Hole You Came From

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Via Brown Cardigan

We Have a Real Charmer Here

flirting gross dude parts texting - 8393385472
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Your Dignity is Kept Safely, Right Next to the Chapstick

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Created by sharter

Wouldn't Mind Looking Up That Kilt...

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Everyone Has One Thing on the Brain

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Created by Sten

That Realization Comes Hard

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Why It's Helpful to Have an Interpreter on Hand

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Via Acid Cow

Does Your... Thing Hang Low?

dude parts sexy times not what it looks like - 8061807104
Created by Unknown

Things Are Looking Turgid I MEAN TURBULENT in the Northeast

accidental sexy dude parts weather - 8247684864
Created by Charles1986

Yes... Chef Hats... Totally...

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An Iron Fist and What?

dude parts what language - 8500822016
Created by TheMom

Got Wood?

dude parts accidental sexy wood - 8427978496
Created by UberRoxor

Let's Talk About How the Swimmers Work, Shall We?

dude parts sexy times failbook - 8203465472
Created by Unknown

I Swear, it Normally Has More Stopping Power, it's Just Cold Out!

dude parts guns weather failbook - 8244452864
Created by aurette

More Effective Than Baseball

dude parts twerking miley cyrus - 8225264896
Created by MichaelWR90

Looking for Stiffies from Stiffs

news dude parts puns parenting - 8342432768
Created by Sven
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