The One, Most Important Rule

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By jclardy99

Story of My Life

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By Unknown

The Service at This Joint is Terrible

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This Little Twerp Had it Coming

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There Are Plenty of Reasons to Like Kanye West. His Crazier Fans Are Not One of Them.

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By danleon95

We're All Looking for That Spicy, Anonymous Craziness in Our Lives

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Thanks, PJ'S

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Socially Awkward Penguin #15

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They Report, You Deride

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How to Get a Ton of Comments on Facebook

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The New Drinking and Sleeping Craze That's Sweeping the Nation

Text - I've had more than my fair share of shots of bedding over the past few days #randomdomesticuniverse Like Comment Share likes this Rarcode Shots of bedding? Is this a new drinking craze I dont know about Unlike 3 28 August at 19:17 Linenqueur Unlike 2 28 August at 19:18 Mosheeto 28 August at 20:46 Unlike 3 Duvetri 28 August at 20:55 Like White cushion! 28 August at 22:39 Like 1 Pillow colada 28 August at 22:40 Like 1 joquilto 29 August at 09:30 Like 2 This is amazing Vodka and Bed bull 29
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There's Always One Person in the Group...

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It's Easy to Provoke Smartass Friends

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Star Wars Burgers

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