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Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook: Doubt

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Indian Givers...

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By Unknown

Esquire Published a Review of "Ultron" from a Kid, but This Neckbeard's Comment Steals the Show

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Did You Even See the Picture?

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You Tricky Fellow

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By dianne

This Guy's Revenge on His Cheating Partner Was Perfectly Planned For a Lifetime of Regret

guy planned revenge on cheating partner by ruining relationship between them and their mother
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There's Always One Person in the Group...

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By IhazMoos


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Very Specific Training

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By Unknown

Not a Single Piece of This Sentence Makes Sense

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Working in the YouTube Complaints Department

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Sassy Target

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Thanks, PJ'S

papa johns, breakup, misery, pizza, comments
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Memebase: Now If Only Failbook Comments Could Do This

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I Literally Cannot Believe You Right Now

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Mature, Grown-Up Arguments About Hollywood

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By echonymph
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