Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

Sweet Relief for Your Facebook News Feed

Babies baby extension failbook g rated news feed - 6476398592
Created by Unknown

Skeptical and Possibly Disgusted Newborn

baby meme parenting - 6457016064
Created by mwahahabiotch

True Facts About Human Gestation

baby tumblr what failbook g rated - 8347721984
Via tpolisher

A Great Father in the Making, Right Here

baby drama facepalm parenting - 8453339648


baby new baby birth pregnant parents - 6907769856
Created by publicsealion

Baby Got Balls

baby parenting Reddit - 6489252864
Created by Unknown

Siri WIN

baby crying parents siri - 5816872704
Created by katatak

You Could Haunt Me Any Day Bebbeh!

baby twitter ghost sheets halloween halloween costumes - 6654224896
Created by Unknown

Or Understands Spoken Language

baby mother witty reply - 5159876096
Created by Unknown
baby sports FAIL parenting soccer names tweet win newspaper - 475140

Careful, She Might Question Why You Named the Family Dog Nutmeg Next

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What an Adorable Hellion!

ouch baby whoops parenting - 8427610624
Created by Medusamandy19

There's Never Anything THAT New at a Thrift Store!

baby new photo album - 5244365312
Created by relacuna00

Babysitter FAIL

baby bad idea image really - 4531669504
Created by Kirsten Schwarz

Just a Touch of Baby

baby bus parenting tumblr failbook - 8025437696
Created by Unknown

Adults Behaving Badly

rage baby angry irony - 8440876032
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