You're Not Fooling Anyone

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Via Acid Cow

Who Could Say No to Having a Seagull as Their Drug Dealer?

funny twitter image seagulls steals drug dealer's stash
Via @Daracho

No, Dog, That Side is for Sits

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Created by Unknown

Me Too, But All I Have is This Stupid Hedgehog

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Forget the Market, This Little Piggy Went to a New Hampshire Polling Place to Vote

funny politics image pig shows up to New Hampshire polling place
Via @Phil_Mattingly

Back to Obience School

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Created by Unknown
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This Brutal Penguin Love Triangle Battle Was Basically Nature's Jerry Springer Episode

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Hitchcock's Snow White

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Created by Sherry
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John Mayer Tweets Ridiculous Natural Selection Theory, Swears He's Not High, Gets Trolled to Oblivion

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Created by Unknown
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Somewhere Out There is a Rhino That Just Wants to be Russian

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Weekly Treats; Animal Tweets (September 7th, 2020)

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PETA: People for Entertaining Trolling by Animals

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Created by mikejhaze

The Drunken Right to Bear Arms

woods warning bears facepalm animals police - 8577378560
Created by indyrae16 ( Via )

Nah Man, You Go Ahead and Go For a Walk, I'm Just Gonna Do Some Reps

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Created by Unknown

It Gives You Saaaad

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Created by 1Digital
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