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Scorpion Stings Guy Flying United Airlines and People Are Too Ready With Hilarious Responses

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This Dog Takes Safety Seriously

This Dog Takes Safety Seriously
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Do Not Judge

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By Maxine

Vine Star Jerome Jarre Tried to Fly Wearing Only a Speedo, Then This Happened

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Delta Airline Gets its Facebook Hacked by Giggling Middle-School Boys.

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Facebook Suggestions Somehow Get Even More Inappropriate

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By catdaddy79

As it Turns Out, Pigs Totally CAN Fly, so Long as They Can Keep to Themselves

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Will Somebody Shut This Kid Up?!

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I Believe I Can Phone

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By Unknown
Guy live-tweets the funny video results of people's reactions to airpot power outlet prank.

Guy Live-Tweets Video Results of Cruel Power Outlet Prank on People at Airport

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This Fandom Sucks

airplane Awkward fifty shades of grey pr0n - 6506178048
By Unknown
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A "Modern Family" Editor Live-Tweets the Worst Plane Passenger Ever

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Girl Live-Tweets Wonderful Woman Who Has the Flight of Her Dear Old Life

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I Was Only 47 Percent Scared

airplane flying Mitt Romney - 6614650624
By Unknown

Time to Find a New Soulmate?

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What Was Likely a Freak Plane Accident? Clearly the Apocalypse.

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