Engrish Funny

Praise Be to Vita-us!

playstation pun - 6547639808
Created by Unknown

The Herp-Derp Pass

derp herp derp sign - 6539082752
Created by Schmandrew
best of week Hall of Fame india song Video - 41259009

The Engrish Rebel Anthem

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Quite the Popular Aisle...

dude parts p33n sign store vocabulary - 6537593600
Created by Annabelle
cafe oh Japan robot Video - 41267713

Of COURSE Japan Has a Robo-Lady Restaurant

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TIL Australia Doesn't Like Commas

australia burger lamb McDonald's what - 6544885760
Created by Unknown

At Least Photoshop a Cold-Looking Environment

dogs pet photoshop sweater - 6539881216
Created by Ashley

It's-a-Me, Don't Sue!

mario nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros van - 6542996480
Created by bigarc72

And No, I Won't Say 'Top of the Mornin'

irish potato - 6512508928
Created by Unknown


Cheezburger Image 6537942272
Via Scandinavia and the World

Please Return to Lost and Refound

lost sign spelling - 6522275072
Created by wearedj

No Sorry, Wrong Thing

chopsticks fortune cookie - 6538245376
Via Reddit

It'll Kick You Right in the Legume!

candy name ouch - 6530393088
Created by Unknown

Better than Naiks

knockoff shoes - 6534647808
Created by lozb

No Pesticides or Artificial Fertilizers

cookies food - 6513681408
Created by Steve

Feeding the Cartoon Culture

bath bathroom duck - 6512700672
Created by Bismark