10 Male/Female Double Standards That People Absolutely Can't Stand

Ah, double standards. I could almost hear the groans and sighs of irritation from some of you out there, no doubt off put by the very fact we invite these kinds of discussions in online forums. If there's one thing that became glaringly evident, scrolling through the rants and tangents of this AskReddit to pull some decent pointers (at least I hope so), it's that a relationship is a game of give and take. The playing field between romantic partners is continually shifting, and sure, norms, gender stereotypes suck; but we're not going to break down standards that have stood the test of time up to this point in a day. So we can all just point 'em out, shine a spotlight on 'em, and maybe figure out why they're there and ultimately, why they shouldn't be. I'm trying to remain neutral here for the sake of spurring discussion between you guys, the audience; but I'll be sure to jump in on dat comments section if the discussion really gets going. 

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