Dating Fails


Give Your Girl Some Space

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I'm the Man You're Searching For

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A Good Question for Your Potential Date

asking if the a selfie is ok to take on the toilet
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Hey Check Out This Cool Thing!

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The Selfie You Kneed

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Need a Bra? He's Got a Bunch!

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divorce selfies

No Bad Blood of the Day: Couples Are Taking Divorce Selfies to Mark Occasion

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That Country Thug Life

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Proper Selfie Posture

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This Guy is Truly, Impressively Lonely

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Not Now, Bae

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What the 6 Common Dude Selfie Poses Say About You

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Double Selfie

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guy takes selfie with his sleeping cheating girlfriend

Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating And Takes Savage Selfie-Ridden Revenge

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The Image of a Serious Relationship

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Boyfriends Just Won't Let You Take a Selfie in Peace

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