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oral sex

Oral sex is a topic for educational institutions and parents, or among partners in life. If you've come all the way to look at oral sex, you almost got there, but at least you'll be able to laugh about it.

I'm on a Strict Diet

bumper sticker car eating out oral sex We Are Dating - 5202712064
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No, Fool, You're Supposed to "Munch" It

lesbian oral sex South Park TV We Are Dating - 5432993024

Thar She Blows

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Created by Unknown

That's Swell, Sally. Pass the Harlot Salad.

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Created by xyzpdq1

Dropping Everything And Coming Over

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The Office Trollop

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Knowing When to Let Go

bj comic oral sex rage comic We Are Dating - 5382211072

Now That's a Great Deal!

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During Birth, Her Mouth Will Have to Open Wider Than at the Dentist

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Making Plans

oral sex period text texting We Are Dating - 5145029888
Created by Arby

It Hosed Me Down Until I Was All Wet

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I'll Have My Meat Medium Rare

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Time to Sell the PS3

oral sex Videogames xbox 360 - 6078270720
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Encouraging Prayer

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Created by theprincessgeek

Some People Will Always Be Alone

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Created by ag2468

Better Wear a Napkin 'Round Your Neck

comic oral sex period rage comic We Are Dating - 5303684608
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