Dating Fails


File Under: "Has Never Touched a Woman"

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True Love Leaves a Sign

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Does Autocomplete Have a Problem, or do We?

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And a Boyfriend is Like a Brother You can Dump

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You'll Be a Hit at Parties With This One!

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How Far Would You Go to Cover Up a Wedding Blunder?

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No Sexuals Allowed In This Home

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Marriage Not Going Well? Blame it on Those Bells!

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Girl Has Extreme Meltdown When Guy Matches with Her on Tinder without Noting Her Psycho Dating Criteria

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On the Bright Side, Twitter Looks Great Tonight!

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Surely This Means You Just Need to Try Harder

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Some Guys Just Don't Get the Hint

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These Two Were Meant for Each Other

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Men, Also Known as Teenage Boys

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If You Ever Wanted to Know What a Pick-Up Artist Texts a Girl, Here You Go

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File Under "Questions that Prove You're a Moron"

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