Dating Fails


Gosh, What a Tough Decision

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True for More Than One Animal

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By Unknown

Now You're Playing With Portals!

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By Unknown

I'm Feel Healthier Already!

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By Unknown

Yeah, About That

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Via Cyanide and Happiness

She's a Mind-Reader

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By Unknown

Is it Just Me?

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By Unknown

The Sweetest Death Imaginable

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By Unknown

Einstein Was Stating the Obvious

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Fail Order WIN

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By Jayras

The Altar's Up There, Buddy

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By Ben

You Are SUCH A Survivor

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By Unknown

It's All Your Fault!

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By Unknown

And Some Are Perkier Than Others

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By Unknown

Everything Went Better Than Expected

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By butterflyperception

Skeptical Leela Doesn't Trust Your Intentions

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By Unknown
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