Dating Fails


And Here I Thought I Was Getting All Kinds of Exercise

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Board Game of the Day: Man Proposes With Custom Monopoly Game, Presumably Causing a Bitter Argument

Man proposes with a custom board of monopoly.
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This Crazy Argument Might Make You Want to Stay Single Forever

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Living Together

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Can I At Least Have A Hint?

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This Couple Finally Found a Way to Keep the Spark Alive

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Then I've Got News for You...

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You Can't Win With That Kind of Logic

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What Your Boyfriend is Doing After Every Argument

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He Knows What the Ladies Want

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Looks Like Someone Won an Argument

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Wrong Head Was Doing All the Thinking Here


And Don't Blame All That Blood on Your Period, Either. Some of That's From My Arm, Too

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Not Today

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She Did What Anyone Would Do

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The Argument Flow Chart

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