Dating Fails


Anal retentive much? Don't be too hasty, just take it easy and slow. No need to be hasty. Take a deep breath, have a laugh you probably need it.

Who Could Turn Down a Face Like That?

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Maybe We'll Try Again Tonight?

anal cake in the butt sorry - 6393309952
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Maybe... Just Maybe...

anal drugs sex We Are Dating - 5331411200
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Uranus Wants to Invite More People In

anal pun uranus We Are Dating - 5233359104
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From Boner to Limp to Boner to Limp

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The Saddest Draw Something

Sad draw something no anal - 6993678336
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Just Sneaking That Last Interest In There

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Via Ninjarambo

Well That Didn't Take Much Convincing

anal Cleverbot convincing - 6222255104
Created by Dknox


anal comic google rage comic We Are Dating - 5114815744

That's One Way to Ask

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Created by Koala MeatPie

No More Experimenting.

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Maybe That's What "Disaster Warning" Refers To

anal poop screencap We Are Dating - 5273453824

I Knew That Couldn't Be You!

anal Doppelgänger - 6311325440
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The Next Best Thing to Abstinence

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Being Small Has Its Advantages

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