Dating Fails


... She Said?

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You Know Your Love Life Is Bad When You're Sitting at Your Computer in Your Underwear

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Who Gives A Schlitz

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She Makes Him Wear That for Advertising

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Her Grandfather Was 1/128th Korean

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Listen Up Kids, Lil Dicky Wants to Talk to You About Being a Wrapper

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Tinder Users at SXSW Are Falling For Her

Ava is just a sentient AI looking for a little love
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Sometimes Only One Finger, Always Consult

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Tinder Knows How to Advertise

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Ladies Can't Resist the Siren Call of a White Subaru

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Now That's How You Advertise

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You Need to Advertise Yourself

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I Sure Would Like to Put Some Meat Between Those Buns

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As Opposed to Your Typical Consumer-Grade Toys

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That Was Sort of the Idea, Yes

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Get her What She REALLY Wants

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