Dating Fails


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Find The Pigeon Of Your Dreams

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I'd Be Surprised, But It IS Japan...

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Dating Dispatches: Hello Kitty And Hooters, Together At Last

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When Your Grandparents Don't Understand Your Relationship

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God Bless America

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Not Accurate. I Don't See Tentacles Anywhere.

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What Else Is in There?

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Japanese Animation's Tradition Of Respecting Women

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She May Be A Pillow, But Our Love Is Real!

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Japanese Dating Seems A Little Different

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His Wife Just "Let it Go" And Then Filed for Divorce.

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That Exact Expression

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The Bra That Only Opens When True Love Is Detected.

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Japanese Game Show Where Guys Are "Pleasured" While Singing Karaoke

I need to move to japan just for their game shows
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Breakup Prevention Kit

dating japan novelty Breakup Prevention Kit
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