Dating Fails

Feel Free to Add Your Own Rimshot to This Pun

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I Bet Newton Used That Line All the Time

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One Bar of Cold Shoulder, Coming Your Way

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They Never Could Agree About Which Way to Go

Picture at corner of Romeo and Juliet streets.
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Tired of Being Single on Valentine's Day?

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Stingy Boyfriends Are the Worst

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Scenic Photo Op

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facebook rant about a cheap date

Moron Gets Shamed For BS Facebook Rant About Cheap Date

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Well That's Not Creepy

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It's Like a Graveyard Where Dreams Go to Die

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Forever a Snape

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Poor Robert Pattinson...

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bad cook husband secretly ruins food behind wife's back | r/AmItheA Posted by u/HomeTown11_ 12 hours ago 2 8 27 3 15 E 17 AITA lashing out after my husband ruined food prepared our guests F26 and My husband M33 Mike have been married year now. He doesn't cook. He's bad at His cooking is worst despite learning books/YT videos/ teaching him just never works. Every time he steps foot into kitchen turns into mess don't know He doesn't know Maybe because he's constantly busy with work (Police Officer

Horrible Cook Husband Keeps Secretly Ruining Food

But why?
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Reality vs Reality vs Expectations

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