Thrifty Contracts

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Created by TimesTheRoman

This Has Been a Public Service Announcement

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Created by Unknown

When I Find You, I Will Make Plans With You

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Created by Unknown

iPhone Data Breakdown

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Created by Unknown

Only Time Can Tell

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Created by Unknown

A Night Out Ain't What It Used to Be

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Via Pablo Stanley
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The First Full-Length Feature Film Shot on a Phone

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It Gets Longer and Bigger

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Created by PrincessWordplay

Protip: This Does Not Actually Work

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Created by GameLostYouHave

Is Um, Is...Oh God, Hang Up

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Created by Unknown

The Phones as Vehicle Comparison

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Created by Unknown

Probably Best to Not Post That One on Your Phone

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Created by betthisusernameistakentoo
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Watch Your Language!

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Hide Under The Table!

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Created by Steve ( Via Minmumble )
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