Ulterior Motives

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Just Say No

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By Unknown

No Need For Details

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It Definitely Isn't About Your Teacher Either, Don't Worry

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Sext Assist

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By Unknown

Thanks Dad, You're So Racially Sensitive

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By catasaurus84

Drunk Level Over 9000

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By Unknown

Well Which Would You Prefer?

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By Unknown

Really? Could You Tell Me Again What I'm Doing on Monday at Three?

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By Unknown

Mom Doesn't Seem Amused

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By Unknown

Love & Dinner Know No Bounds

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By Unknown

Mom Eases the Crippling Loneliness

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By Unknown

10/10 Kids Agree That Selfies are Lame

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By Unknown

I'm Not Your Bro, Ma

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By Unknown

How Would Batman Know What Parents Are?

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By Unknown

Pissing to Conclusions

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By 77685c
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