We Could All Use One of These

iPhones reminders funny g rated AutocoWrecks - 7686125824
By Unknown

He's Really Good At Making Quesadillas

girl iPhones typos - 6257378560
By Unknown

Something Went Horribly Wrong

wut iPhones - 6697154816
By DerCore

Maybe He Just Got the Date Wrong?

forever alone iPhones - 6176152064
By Unknown

You're Killing Me

iPhones sarcasm - 7355835648
By erhelm (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Best Girlfriend EVER

iPhones girlfriend - 6748118272
By Chris

That Sounds Kind of Stressful

iPhones - 7348706048
By Unknown

Dad Had ONE Job to Do

that escalated quickly iPhones wife - 6788251904
By skippy.wunderbar

I'm Not Sure How to Interpret That

iPhones emoticons fish - 7086216704
By Unknown

This Cannot End Well

iPhones drunk drunk texting - 6923537920
By ChobitAlice

What Do We Say to the God of Death?

Death iPhones - 7267518464
By Unknown

Well Damn Now They're All Staring At Me Weird...

Hall of Fame iPhones Ireland whale - 6352062976
By Unknown

How's That?

iPhones space - 7141019392
By Unknown

You're Not Helping...

iPhones not helpful - 6592140800
By Unknown


iPhones bewbs AutocoWrecks - 7318228224
By mastercorgi7

How Sweet!

boyfriend iPhones - 6926231296
By demongod101