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What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

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Finding an Odd Way to Cool Beer

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This Unopened Beer is 140 Years Old

beer cool history This Unopened Beer is 140 Years Old

Hookah-n Resist A Good Chill Sesh?

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Crunk Critters: The Cool Cats Drink Wine

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The Coolest Beer Ever

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One Drunken Chandelier

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Science Could Be Used to Make a Great Cocktail

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Smoking Has No Downside!

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How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Holiday Party?

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Party Moderately Hard: Just Be Cool.

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We Can Only Hope

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Hero of the Day: Woman Turns Water Into Wine... Thanks To A Fridge Hack

woman on twitter turns refrigerator water dispenser into wine dispenser
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Yes, Yes I Do.

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Keeping Your Beer "Cool"

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Well, Yes

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