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Skip to around the 1:10 mark to get to the moment in question.

Wham-Sauce (\ˈwam-ˈss\): A forceful but non-threatening blow upon an unsuspecting party. In a sentence:

"He just wham-sauced the meet crew! It doesn't matter, he's a national champion!"

Further examples:

"Carla really wham-sauced that plate of pizza rolls. They never saw it coming."

In noun form:

"Kendrick Lamar just slathered an extra-helping of wham-sauce all over us by releasing an album unannounced." 

As an adjective or modifier:

"Ironically, this weak-ass hot sauce is the least wham-sauce thing I've ever tasted."

The words "wham-sauce" now don't look like words after reading them this long. You're welcome.

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A man from the Henan province in China attached an 80 kg weight to his family jewels as a part of a contest, swinging the thing 320 times in ten minutes before being declared the world record holder in "ridiculous crazy nonsense."

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