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Donna Roberts and Mark Ellis are happily married with two kids, aged eight and nine, after the two met when Mark texted a phone number he read on the wall of a bathroom stall while he was taking a dump at his local pub.

The note, which read "If you want a good shag call Donna on ***", was written by one of Donna Roberts' ex's.

Mark said that he opened with a "Hi. What are you up to?" because he was curious if she was actually a real human being. 

The two have yet to tell their kids how they officially met. "I usually say that he texted me by mistake," Donna added.

Sill a better love story than Twilight. 


Guy Messages Friends as He Sabotages Terrible Date Who Refuses to Put Her Phone Down

When one dude's date turns out to be a complete (texting) trainwreck, this guy was gifted with some solid advice from his bros on how to make the most out of the situation.

What happens next is a series of moves that, if followed correctly, should be able to help anyone get out of a disaster date.

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