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Traditional skateboards are so old news. The OneWheel electric skateboard rolls ahead with the idea that you don't need four wheels or a good sense of balance to ride.

The Onewheel board has batteries under one foot and control electronics under the other. The control electronics have motion sensors — like what you would find in your iPhone — which run a control loop which tells the motor how to run and balance. The whole thing is powered by a powerful hub motor, which is about a 2,000-watt peak motor or 500 watts of continuous power. It's all mounted on the type of wheel that would usually be used by a go kart.

Their Kickstarter had a $100,000 goal, but has surpassed that amount and ended with $630,862 pledged.

Via: Guinness World Records
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The future is now.

A Canadian man named Catalin Alexandru Duru has set the new world record for longest distance traveled on a hoverboard.

While this might just seem like fictional story from “Back to the Future 2,” it’s actually very real.

Watch in the clip above as Duru travels 905 feet and 2 inches across Lake Ouareau in Quebec using a prototype device that he built over a period of just one year.

“I will showcase that stable flight can be achieved with a machine one can stand on and control with their feet,” he said.

Unlike with the hoverboard in the movie, he’s lifted off the surface to a height of about 5 meters using his propeller-based board, and it looks a bit more dangerous than Marty McFly’s version.

Although this probably will helps the average rider avoid crashing into large piles of manure.

“This is a truly mesmerising and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation,” saida Guinness World Records spokesperson about the news. “It’s always pleasing to see individuals such as Catalin Alexandru Duru achieve a Guinness World Records titles such as this in which personal endeavour continues to amaze us all.”