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School sucks, right? 

Some nerd with chalk tells you what's what, and it's like, ugh, when am I ever going to use this? So you retreat back to your phone. But what if Spider-Man was your teacher? I bet then you'd straighten up and fly right. 

Moises Vazquez, a science teacher from Mexico City, is discovering just that. Apparently, students don't really give a shit when he teaches without a mask on, but as Spider-Man, people are stuck on his lessons. Inspired by an issue of Spider-Man, where the webslinger is a subsititute teacher, Vazquez finds that the costume lightens the class mood and gets students more engaged in the lesson. Can't argue that. 

I wish my teacher was Spider-Man. :( 

Inspiration of The Day: Special Ed Teacher Starts Every Day by Complimenting Each Student
Via: ABC News
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Florida special ed teacher Chris Ulmer starts every class day in a very unique way.

Before any work starts, Ulmer calls each child up to the front of the classroom and compliments them.

"I love having you in my class. I think you're very funny. You're a great soccer player. Everyone in here loves you," he says at the start of a video posted on Facebook, which has gotten over 20 million views.

Ulmer runs a Facebook page for his class (with parent's permission) and has been trying to get a book published about his students.

From ABC:

Ulmer's Facebook page, Special Books by Special Kids, was created because he has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a book published about the kids. "I have 50 rejection letters on my fridge to keep me motivated," he said. The book focuses on the story of each of the kids in his classroom and is collaboratively told by the child, his or her parents, and from Ulmer's perspective as their teacher.

He's had the same kids in his class for three years and said that they've "evolved as a family. We have an understanding that comes with time that you don't naturally have."

Great job, Chris. Keep it up!