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Ladies and Gentleman, we got him.

60 years since first started terrorizing Whoville, robbing them of Christmas, the Grinch has been apprehended in Ithaca, NY of all places.

TIME reports that “Officer Colin Hayward Toland, a 9-year-old honorary member of the Ithaca police force who’s battled brain cancer for most of his life, arrested the Grinch on Tuesday for the crime of ‘stealing Christmas.’”

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Because this is America, where everyone has the right to a fair and speedy trial, the Grinch plead not guilty to “stealing Christmas,” in spite Whoville residents’ allegations. Wise and just, Toland, acting as the Grinch's counsel, argued for probation because it's Christmas. The Judge, who's heart must've grown two sizes after hearing a 9-year-old police officer defend the Grinch, struck a plea deal, and the Grinch was sentenced to probation and to spend Christmas with Toland and his family.

Watch below to see justice in action.

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The Ferguson Police Department is testing out a new device which they think might help prevent unnecessary shooting deaths.

“The Alternative” was invented by a retired police officer and is produced by a California-based company called Alternative Ballistics. It’s an orange accessory that sits on the end of a gun and basically slows down the bullet so it is less likely to kill someone (although it has never actually been used on a human).

“It’s going to feel like you’re getting punched in the chest by Barry Bonds,” CEO Christian Ellis told CNN. “It’s going to break some ribs.”

The company claims it only takes a few seconds to attach the device to the gun, and it doesn’t obstruct the view of the target through the sight.

Here’s a description of how it works according to Alternative Ballistics:

Once the weapon is fired; the bullet embeds itself inside the projectile with no chance of escaping, simultaneously transferring the bullet’s energy, propelling it directly at the target. Once the bullet is fired from the gun into the projectile they permanently become one unit. The docking unit will automatically eject from the weapon and the firearm returns to its normal function before it cycles in a new round.