All This Man Wanted Was a Quiet Sunday But SWAT Snipers Needed to Set Up in His Living Room

On a normal Sunday, most people are hoping to just relax and watch some football. That didn't work out well for this unfortunate citizen. He ended up documenting the whole ordeal for the rest of us on the internet.

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Everyone’s got a bucket list, and it’s assumed that on every list, somewhere, there’s an entry about using a taser on someone. Very few get to fulfill this wish, but one Ohio teen did.

16-year-old Alyssa Elkins, a teen battling leukemia, wanted to use a stun gun on someone, and the Newark, Ohio police department helped her dream come true. Alyssa got to tase Sgt. Doug Bline as a crowd of supporters watched. “Bline winced and fell onto a mat, guided by spotters,” writes Newsday.”


Alyssa said the experience was “awesome.”

“I'm very grateful that people would put themselves out there to allow me to do that to them,” she said.

Alyssa is great. The world needs more Alyssas.