The Sapporo Snow Festival Gave in to the Dark Side of the Force

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This giant snow sculpture was apparently made by a unit from the Japanese armed forces!

The Rest of You Dungeon Masters Need to Step Up Your Game

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That's Redditor silverlight using a combination of blank playmat and a video projector to make the ultimate tabletop gameplay experience!

Toy of the Day: LEGO to Make a ‘Doctor Who’ Themed Set

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Whovians rejoice!

LEGO has announced Wednesday that it will produce the first ever “Doctor Who” set.

The block maker has been letting fans choose which themed sets it produces as part of its crowdsourced Ideas campaign (previously LEGO CUUSOO).

Anyone can submit a pitch that includes photos and videos of the design, and you need 10,000 supporters to vote for your idea in order for it to move on to the next stage. A review board will then choose which of the top designs will become a legit product.

Past winners have included “Ghostbusters”, a “Back to the Future” DeLorean, and a Minecraft set.

The “Doctor Who and Companions” set was one 6 finalists from an early 2014 grouping where there were actually 3 winners.

The pitch includes 1 or 2 Doctors, a TARDIS, an interior console, K9, a Dalek, 2 companions, a Weeping Angel and a Cyberman.

LEGO also announced that a Wall-E themed set will be produced a the winner from the most recent batch of 8 nominees.