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In case you were wondering:

The Top 10 Largest Air Forces in the World (By Number of Aircraft):

  1. United States (5,638)
  2. Russia (1,900)
  3. China (1,500)
  4. India (1,080)
  5. Egypt (900)
  6. North Korea (661)
  7. Pakistan (502)
  8. Turkey (465)
  9. South Korea (458)
  10. Germany (423)

The U.S. Navy would be number 2, clocking in at 3,700 active aircraft.

After 70 Years, This WWII Vet Suits Up for One More Drop Over Normandy

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There are no words, really. Just Watch "Peewee" here put all of us to shame with his 90-year-old badassery:

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