The Canadian Military's Newest Firearm is Straight Out of a Video Game

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That's a grenade launcher sitting on top of that gun, and apparently you can even slot in a shotgun somewhere on there. You know, for reasons.

In Honor of Veteran's Day, Listen to These Powerful Stories From Those in the Armed Services

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StoryCorp has been conducting interviews with thousands of people since 2003, collecting oral histories that they later animate. Today, they bring us three stories from veterans in honor of Veteran's Day. See them here, but be sure to pack some tissues. And a warning for language and adult content in some of these.

And one more:

In Case You Were Planning on Messing With Us...

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In case you were wondering:

The Top 10 Largest Air Forces in the World (By Number of Aircraft):

  1. United States (5,638)
  2. Russia (1,900)
  3. China (1,500)
  4. India (1,080)
  5. Egypt (900)
  6. North Korea (661)
  7. Pakistan (502)
  8. Turkey (465)
  9. South Korea (458)
  10. Germany (423)

The U.S. Navy would be number 2, clocking in at 3,700 active aircraft.