Skeletons Couple Found Holding Hands After 700 Years

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Love really is timeless.

Via Discovery: The skeletal remains of two lovebirds were uncovered, after being locked in a romantic embrace for the past 700 years.

Archeologists found the happy couple holding hands in an earthen grave during an excavation of a "lost" chapel in Leicestershire, England, researchers reported Thursday (Sept. 18).

"We have seen similar skeletons before from Leicester where a couple has been buried together in a single grave," Vicki Score, University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) project manager, said in a statement.

Adopted Son Gives the Best Mother's Day Gift: His Kidney

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Ingeborg McIntosh knew she was suffering from polycystic kidney disease, what she didn't know is that her adopted son, Jordan, had already confirmed he was a match to be a donor.
The McIntosh's had many foster children over the years, but when Jordan came along Ingeborg knew instantly she wanted to adopt. And, seeing how the two have so wonderfully taken care of one another, I don't believe she could have made a better decision.

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A Little Boost WIN

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Ride the love bus all the way over to After 12! It's Friday after all!