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God paid a visit to Maine this week, and it was scary as Hell.

A high school student in Grand Isle recently captured the insane moment that lightning struck the steeple of a church.

Carl Bouley was filming the rain over St. Gerard Catholic Church from his porch across the street when it happened, and his volunteer firefighter father went over afterwards to check on the damages.

The church has has actually been struck before in August of 2007, according to the Maine Sun Journal.

“It kind of scared me a bit,” he told the Journal. “It felt like a small shockwave hit.”

A second camera was able to capture what happened on the ground below at the exact same moment.

Great Scott!

Via: Mashable
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Sparky doesn't give a f*ck about you and your lightning bolts Zeus.

Everything about this is epic. This outrageously lucky bison from Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa survived being struck by lightning in 2013.

At this point we're unclear whether or not Sparky's spar with the afterlife bestowed him any supernatural gifts, but seriously, stay tuned.

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