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The typical reaction to an extremist militant group regurgitating your words to attract potential recruits, would generally encompass flipping the fu*k out.

Trump can't be phased. The Republican primary candidate merely brushed off the use of his words against Muslims by an Al-Qaeda affiliate, known as Al-Shabaab, as casually as he would tend to that fluffy golden Photoshop-airbrushed, hair-cloud on a lazy Sunday.

He launched predictably fiery jab, by guessing that all 'extremists' are prone to employing the words of any Republican presidential front-runner.

To wrap it all up, Trump addressed Hilary Clinton's recent unfounded allegation that an additional extremist group, the Islamic State, was using Trump as a pillar of its propaganda. He says the appearance of this Al-Shabaab video doesn't do way with the fact Clinton was wrong.

"It wasn't ISIS and it wasn't made at the time, and she lied," he said on Fox & Friends on Sunday.

Trump also dished out a little hurt on 'Slick Willy' afterwards.


So, There's a Presidential Candidate Named "Deez Nuts" Who Has 9 Percent of the Vote in North Carolina So Far

You know it's a crazy presidential race when Donald Trump isn't the biggest troll running for office. No, that honor goes a 15-year-old boy from Iowa named Brady Olson. Or, at least, that was the name his parents gave him way back when. Now, he goes by a name that's larger than life (if you consider life to be sperm cell and egg). He is the hero we need. He will bring change to the Oval Office. Well... he would if he weren't 20 years too young to run for that office.

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