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Disney Animation has been a cornerstone of culture for almost a century now, and it’s amazing how well this stuff still holds up. People still go to Disney World, buy Cinderella merchandise, and see remakes of these stories.

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What better way to appreciate how far this animation has come — or hasn’t — than by enjoying a supercut featureing all of Disney's feature-length animated movies. From Snow White to Zootopia, “The Evolution of Disney Animation (1937-2016)" highlights the movements and trends in Disney, when it works and when it doesn’t. There are some forgotten movies and some stone cold classics, but you’ll be floored by how good and innovative the early animation still looks. However, If you feel a slight dip in the 80s and late-90s, sit tight, the goods are on their way.


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Researchers over at Disney are really thinking outside the lines.

This super impressive video shows off an app they made, which turns colored pictures in a coloring book into 3D, moving models.

The video can be a little dry, but when it shows what the app can do, it will blow your freaking mind.

What is this sorcery???

The whole thing reminds us of what Microsoft showed at this year's E3, where they pulled Minecraft up from a table by using a Hololens.

It's kind of a cross between that and this virtual reality app that lets artists draw in the space around them.

We've said it before, but we really are on the cusp of a landmark period for technology influencing art and how it's made. Sit back on enjoy it!

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