Snow Queen Arrested In Connection With Inclement Weather

frozen cosplay elsa arrested
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Remember that arrest warrant that was issued for Elsa?  Well, Hanahan, SC police have followed through and apprehended her!  

Glass Slipper Productions and Sakalas Photography teamed up with Hanahan police to produce a delightful photoshoot of Elsa's demise.

Competition of the Day: Gaston Schools Guy in Push-Up Contest

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Who would have thought that Gaston of all people would end up becoming the breakout viral star at Disney World?

Some tough guy recently decided it would be a good idea to challenge the buff "Beauty & The Beast" character to a friendly little push-up contest, but he was wrong.

Gaston may be sexist and arrogant, be he's got some pretty big muscles.

You might recognize the actor from another recent video where he goes head-to-head with a very pugnacious little girl..

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