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I've always wondered this: Do other gorillas in the gorilla community consider Koko to be a bit of a sellout? I mean, she's assimilated with her humans and accepted their culture and habits. Do they make fun of her behind her back? This is what keeps me up at night.

No matter. Right here we have a meeting between sign-language gorilla prodigy Koko and Robin Williams, chosen especially for this meeting because Koko can more easily connect with people as hairy as she is. I kid, I kid...

But seriously, this is really adorable and kind of heartwarming. Give it a shot!

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Just in case you thought there was no excuse for a grown man to have a ringtone of The Biebs, maybe this story of survival as reported by Elite Daily will change your mind.

Justin Bieber recently saved the life of a 42-year-old Russian man.

No, the Biebs didn't do anything heroic. When Igor Vorozhbitsyn was en route to his favorite fishing spot in northern Russia's Yakutia Republic, he was attacked by a huge brown bear.

But then, his cell phone rang and the ringtone, "Baby," scared off the animal.

As the bear started clawing violently at Vorozhbitsyn, the Biebs' pre-pubescent vocals made the bear's ears bleed, and it ran off.

Wildlife experts believe it was the fact that the ringtone sounding off was so unexpected that it spooked the bear, but it's more fun to say the bear just really, really, hated that song.

Vorozhbitsyn suffers from severe bruises on his chest and face and cuts on his neck. Other fishermen found him after he was attacked, and used his phone to call for help.

Vorozhbitsyn says he knows the ringtone "isn't to everyone's taste," but it was his granddaughter that loaded "Baby" onto his phone "for a joke."

I think, however, that's just code for "I'm honestly just a true Belieber."

In Case You Haven't Noticed, Literally Everyone Is Doing the Mannequin Challenge

The mannequin challenge has people stopped in their tracks. Everybody is holding their position while a camera moves around the room. And we mean EVERYBODY.

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