Here is Derek Jeter's Final At-Bat, a Walk-Off Single in the Bottom of the 9th

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A fitting end to the illustrious career of a baseball icon. Even as a die-hard Red Sox fan, you may hate Jeter's guts. But dammit, you've still got to respect him.

This 50-Year-Old Man With No Arms Threw Out a Better First Pitch Than 50 Cent

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Tom Willis is a 50-year-old Kansas City Royals fan who was born without arms. But he wasn't going to let a silly thing like that stop him from throwing out the first pitch at a Royals game against the Minnesota Twins. Not only that, his first pitch was 10 times better than the dinker that 50 Cent threw back in May.
For comparison:

50's first pitch:

And Willis' first pitch:

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