Facebook Parents Are Competing to See Who Can Stack the Most Cheerios on Their Kids' Head

The Facebook page 'Life of Dad' has issued a #CheerioChallenge to all of their loyal followers. Competition is getting serious and families are sacrificing hours of precious parenting time to try to outstack each other.

Currently, the record for most Cheerios on a child's face is at 17.

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Via Eric Hart
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Cutest. Avenger. Ever.

Baby Collier was born this past July prematurely, and so his dad, a professional prop maker named Eric Hart, decided to make him a tiny Halloween costume to help him feel "brave."

"I came up with Iron Man because he's been hooked up to all those machines and wires, and that's similar to what Iron Man went through," he said.

The costume was made out of foam, a red onesie, and some yellow fabric, and - in case anyone was worried - the baby only wore it for a minute, according to the video.

He said that despite not knowing when Collier will be healthy enough to go home, they want to make life as normal as possible for him in the meantime.

"Even though we're in the hospital, we're trying to do everything that a regular family would do and celebrate all the holidays."