Art of the Day: Guy Draws 3D Hole in Sheet of Paper

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Mind blown.

Watch artist/designer Jonathan Harris sketch an anamorphic optical illusion that makes it appear as if there's a 3-dimensonal hole in a simple sheet of paper.

Art of the Day: Coworkers Recreate Paintings with Objects in Office

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Squarespace employees Chris and Franceso got bored at work, so they decided to get weird.

Using only materials found in their office, the two recreate famous works of art and edit the images using only their phone.

The photos are great, but what sort of workplace has office supplies that include a unicorn mask, a horse head, a blonde wig a banjo and a sombrero?

A fun one apparently.

Here are a few, and you can view more on their site, Fools Do Art.

Take a Look Again and Find the Human Form in This Picture

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Orlando artist Shannon Holt designs and paints these gorgeous animals, using the human body as a canvas.

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