Good Deed of The Day: Michigan Restaurant Advertises Free Thanksgiving Dinner For Any Lonely People
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Can we talk about this instead of a dumb red coffee cup?

George's Senate Coney Island in Northville, MI, has made a promise. For anyone that has no where to go on Thanksgiving, they can come to the restaurant for a free meal.

The store owner, an immigrant from Greece, says he has been doing this for years, inviting the homeless or others with no where to go to participate in the tradition.

"It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit," he told WILX.

That's the spirit! Now, here's a funny GIF of some turkeys.

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It's almost Thanksgiving, bruh. And you know what that means...

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce—and lighting up a joint with your weird cousin you only see once a year so you can avoid the rest of the family.

The folks over at Cut Video have got you covered with enough weed recipes to make any Thanksgiving a VERY chill event.

These recipes will make your Thanksgiving meal taste just like grandma's, if your grandma just happens to smoke a lot of ganja.

Happy Danksgiving!

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