Joke of the Day: King of Norway Trolls His Wife in Interview

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Meanwhile in Norway…

Meet Harald V, King of the Trolls (also King of Norway).

In a recent interview with NRK TV, Harald said he will soon be going to Antarctica to visit his country's research station called "Troll."

The station was opened nearly 10 years ago by his wife, Queen Sonja, who is sitting next to him.

Watch the video above (with subtitles) for the punchline.

Oh Harald.

WTF of the Day: This is How You Celebrate Christmas in Norway

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Fifty-year-old Tor Eckhoff lives in Norway and works in a paint factory.

In his spare time he does a lot of really weird/cool stuff, and he shares it with the rest of the world through his YouTube channel.

Here's his latest video showing you how Christmas is done in his neck of the woods.

Patient Norwegian Police Deal With a Drunk

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Warning: Some adult language.

A nice change from the normal cop videos.