World Record of the Day: Watch More Than 54,000 Dominoes Go Down in a ‘Circle Bomb’

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Germany's Sinners Domino Entertainment currently holds eight official Guinness World Records titles, including the record for most dominoes toppled in a "circle bomb."

The feat was achieved back in August of this year, but Guinness World Records recently featured the stunt in its "Spotlight" YouTube series.

It took a team of 16 people days to set them all up just to watch them all go back down in a matter of seconds.

Definitely worth it.

Nature of the Day: Time Lapse Shows Grand Canyon Filling with Clouds

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On Thursday, the Grand Canyon literally filled with clouds, and the National Park Service posted a time lapse video of the rare event.

This "total cloud inversion" occurs when cool, damp air gets trapped in the bottom by warm air.

The phenomenon typically only takes place every few years.

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