Listen to Shia LaBeouf and His Rat Tail Freestyle Rap About Transformers, Harriet Tubman and Galileo

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Mr. Paper Bag Head Shia LaBeouf has yet another thing that he doesn't want to make him famous. This newly surfaced video show young Indiana Jones himself freestyle rapping with friends (we assume they are his friends).

It's yet another layer on the onion that is Shia. The young actor has already met with controversy, bad movies and yelling about dream realization. This is just one more side to him.

 And it's not terrible! He says sh*t about a thousand times and conflates Galileo with potatoes for some weird reason, but there some solid lines strung throughout.

We as a culture do not need more actors with musical side projects, but Shia could do worse. Plus, that rat tail will be an incredible hype man.

Do you think if another rapper has beef with him, they'll have to call it beouf?

Watch This Competitive Gamer Enter a Match Like a Pro Wrestler

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This weekend at CEO 2015, the fighting game tournament got a little intense. Not the actual gameplay, mind you, but the pre-show.  Watch competitive player Kenneth "Stone Cold" "K-Brad" Bradley enter the, er, ring for an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 match. I kid you not, he knocks a dude out.

Another player, Dieminion, took a much stealthier approach to his entrance:

Dude's like a ninja!