With New York's #Snowmageddon Only Hours Away, Who's Ready for Some Urban Snowboarding?

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Last year Casey Neistat took to the streets of New York after snow pounded the city and grounded it to a halt. This year there's even more projected to fall in the potentially record-breaking #Snowmageddon. 

Here's the curent forecast, courtesy of the National Weather Service:

But we're much more partial to this forecast:

That's $5000 in Coins That This Man Used to Buy His New Car

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Via Metro:

A man in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, decided to pay for his new 51,800 Yuan (£5,552) car using just coins.

According to the salesman, the customer warned him about the currency he intended to use before placing the order, so he can’t really be annoyed.

‘He said he’ll pay in petty cash. I thought it was old and small notes, but never expected they are all in small denomination coins,’ he said.
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