TIFI WIN: The 10-Speed Lamp

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Here we see a nice little floor lamp made from old bicycle parts. Be sure to lock it up or someone might steal it!

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Show Off Your Skills: Make A Book Lamp

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Boutique lamp makers Typewriter Boneyard recently released the Book Lamp, a hardcover book with a built-in switch and bulb. But here's the thing: it costs $140. I have a feeling you wonderful fixers can put together a book lamp that looks just as good for a fraction of the price. Think you got what it takes?

And seeing how this it There, I Fixed It, points will also be given to most kludged-together design. LET'S DO THIS

Homemade Night Lamp

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By Elemental Code
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From the submitter:

It has a story. Power went out, my father starts building this with tape, a lamp and a little camping chair and makes this awesome light. Guess what? Power came back, EPIC FAIL.