Kevin McAllister is Getting Really Sick of Burglars

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This should have been the only trap set in Home Alone 4, with the rest of the movie a thrilling court drama about whether or not to try the boy as an adult for manslaughter.


Mobile Anti-Aircraft Installation

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To move the device, just be like, "Hey, go over there." ~Not-So-Handy Andy

Build Your Own Flamethrower!

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Instructables user PDRWLSN created this pocket-sized flame thrower not because it's freaking awesome, but to as a way to start a quick fire when you're camping and only have access to wet wood. The gun uses materials readily available at any hardware store with butane lighter fluid as a fuel source and a BBQ ignition switch as a trigger. Below is a video showing the machine failing to melt snow. If any of you are crazy enough to try this, please, be safe.


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