World Electrical Outlets - A Visual Guide

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A few notes: This is meant to be a visual guide, as many similar outlets have different voltages. Just because a plug fits doesn't mean it will work. Always double check before you blow up your cell phone/hair dryer/discount lightsaber.

The outlet widely-used in continental Europe is known as the Schuko and varies between countries; G

The Ultimate Glue Decision Chart

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A few notes:

Clearly, we can add vinyl records to the list of materials wood glue is used for.

I've never found a spray glue that doesn't wear off in a matter of days.

Just like this chart, I absolutely swear by the power of hot glue. I recently used it as the only adhesive on my Halloween costume and it held together superbly.

So Much for Efficiency

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Why can't they make electronic equipment as large as, say, a car? Then we wouldn't spend so much time losing parts. As a bonus, we'd get to use wrenches instead of tiny little screwdrivers.

~Not-"Not-So-Handy Andy" Jack