Art of the Day: Street Artist INSA Creates World’s Largest Animated GIF

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Whiskey brand Ballantine’s teamed up with British street artist INSA to created what they are calling the world’s largest animated GIF.

The piece was created at the end of last year in Rio De Janeiro with a team of 20 people. It took about 4 days to complete the 57,515 square-meter image which consisted of four different paintings.

INSA dubs himself a ‘GIF-ITI’ artist, and he has created numerous animated works such as this in which he paints and repaints designs over and over again, stitching photos of them together to create movement.

In this case, he used a satellite in space to take the pictures.

“The internet has kind of changed our view on art,” he says. “And I wanted to cross both worlds and make work that existed in online space even more than it existed in the real space.”

Here’s a video explaining the new work.

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Because Why Not

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Someone didn't listen to Homer:


Indy Was a Fixer

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This is how he kept his hat on for shooting multiple takes of the jeep-dragging scene. Well played, Harrison. We could learn a thing or two if we were only so brave. ~NSHA

Snow Has Met its Match

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Yeeeeeah, if you could just go 'head and make me one of those, that'd be great.