Oh, Put a Cork in It!

bathroom,cork,dual use,toilet
By Skabbolicious of Kattalogen fame
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Would you care for a bucket of our 2009 Chateaux de Céramique? ~NSHA

Someone Has Serious Splashing Problem

bathroom,dual use,plumbing,umbrella
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As you can tell by the floor, it's already eroded the tiles. Maybe they need to go back to diapers.

We Couldn't Afford a Trip To The Waterpark This Year

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From the submitter:

When our sink started leaking the landlord came and pulled the boards out and left us with a bucket that filled in 2-3 hours. Pictured was was our solution to stop the water flooding through the floor overnight. Yes, we were students. No, we didn't know you could turn a tap and switch the main water off.

I'm just gonna let that last sentence sink in.