Presenting the Youtube Comment Choir

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Caution: Contains language and the normal sexual imagery you would find in any given Youtube comment.

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New Web Series of the Day: Ask A Slave

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Ask A Slave is a comedy web series directed by Jordan Black based on the actress' time working as a living history character at the popular historic site, George Washington's Mount Vernon. All questions and interactions are based on true events.

Watch Episode 2 here.

Single Topic Blog of the Day: BoooTube, A Database of YouTube's Worst-Rated Videos

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The Dutch website design company Amphora.interactive and creative agency THEY present BoooTube, a database that indexes the worst-rated videos of YouTube.

Millennials in the Workplace: A Training Video

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Boomers! Have you recently hired a whiny, entitled, passive-aggressive, constantly offended new coworker who has an odd mixture of shaky self-esteem and an inflated sense of expertise brought about by years of having information and encyclopedic knowledge at their fingertips on the internet? Then this is the training video for you!

Show them how to do what Boomers do best, like:

  • Showing up on time!
  • Staying awake at early morning meetings!
  • Carrying out simple repetitive office tasks!
  • Buying a house at age 23!
  • Tanking the economy!
  • Eliminating sociocultural safety structures for poor people!
  • Living the dream!