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Here’s a video of a man on fire casually removing his clothes, which are also ablaze.

What one must ask is, “What is wrong with this person? Are they ok? Are they in pain?” Or as the gentlemen recording asks, “Are you good?”

An interesting question for a man who’s on fire.

It was originally shared by @NYCFireWire on Twitter, but there is no more information on this man. Hopefully, he put this fire out. 

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The Japanese pro-wrestling world is the strange and delightful place that brought us acts such as Ladybeard, the cross dressing, pop-metal singing strongman. 

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This magic move comes from Pro-Wrestler Joey Ryan, apparently a man of many colorful speedos and neck coverings. 

via wrestlingclique

his seems to be the first time Ryan has tried this move. According to an interview with Vice Sports, the inspiration for this unique finishing move came from the other wrestler in the video, Danshoku Dino. 

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