WTF of the Day: Man Accuses Girlfriend of Having Sex With the Entire Wu-Tang Clan

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Wu-Tang Clan is a relationship “killah.”

On a recent episode of “Divorce Court” with Lynn Toler, a man named Nathan Sellers accuses his girlfriend Lia Palmquist of having sex with the entire hip hop group.

She admits that she went back stage at a show one night, got on their tour bus and later hung out with the group at their hotel (until 7am!), but she didn’t sleep with any of them.

“We were not doing anything but talking,” she says, defending herself. “We talked a lot about politics.”

But Nathan doesn’t believe that for a second.

“She gave Wu some Tang,” he says.

Wrong Food Joint!

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More importantly, let's all try to figure out exactly what in the hell this food is supposed to be, and why it's being marketed like a late night Cinemax movie from the 90s.